The Calendar feature of Microsoft Outlook 2013 features numerous options that control the content and appearance of the Calendar.

Calendar Options are found in the Backstage View, specifically under Options by selecting Calendar. The Work Time options are a set of controls that allow users to define the hours of a Work Day as well as specify the first day of Calendar weeks and first week of Calendar years.

Another set of options, Calendar Options, contain controls for Calendar Reminders as well as the Propose New Times option, which allows event attendees to suggest new meeting times and dates. Add Holidays allows users to import public holidays into the Calendar without having to do so manually; however, one thing to keep in mind with Calendar Holidays is that different Calendars may not have the same set of Holidays associated with them, so one must be mindful of which Holidays correspond to which accounts.

The Display Options settings enable users to alter the layout and appearance of the Calendar, including features like color and week numbers. Outlook includes various other useful options, like Screen Tips and the ability to have Outlook automatically respond to event/meeting invitations, either by accepting or declining them. A new feature for Calendar is the Weather Bar, and options for this feature include whether it displays weather information on the Calendar and selecting the units temperatures are presented in. When manually responding to event or meeting invitations, Outlook provides numerous options including Accept, Decline, Tentative and Propose New Time.

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